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Southeastern Archeological Services has successfully completed projects entailing all aspects of modern cultural resource management, to the satisfaction of federal and state laws and their attending review agencies.  A few representative projects are listed below:

University of Georgia: Rock Eagle Cabins, 2016
Archeological survey prior to construction of cabins at Rock Eagle 4-H Center, Rock Eagle Effigy Mounds, Putnam County, Georgia

Fickling & Company: Lullwater at Ford, 2015
Phase I archeological survey of an approximately 28-acre tract in Richmond Hill, Bryan County, Georgia

U.S. Forest Service-South Carolina: Curltail Timber Sale, 2013-2014
Archeological survey of 2,146 acres, Frances Marion Sumter National Forest, South Carolina

Theiele Kaolin Company: Kent Cemetery, 2014
Archeological delineation, genealogy letter and 
reinternment plan for small family cemetery, Warren County, Georgia

Georgia Transmission Corporation: Little Arlington Substation, 2015
Archeological survey of 11 acre site, Calhoun County, Georgia

U.S. Forest Service-South Carolina: Whitmire-Enoree District, 2014-2015
Archeological survey of 4,820 acres and 276 sites, Middle Enoree Ranger District, South Carolina

Georgia Transmission Corporation: Boatrock Transmission Line Mitigation, 2014
Excavate 4 square feet around each guy anchor and coordinate with State Historic Preservation Offices

Georgia Department of Transportation: Jonesboro Road, 2013
Archeological survey for road widening project in Clayton and Henry Counties, Georgia

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